Three Vivacious Colombian Summer Festivals

Colombia is renowned for its year round festival and carnival spirit. Here are three vivacious Colombian summer festivals which are a must see on any holiday.

 1. Ibero-American Theatre Festival Bogotá, April 7th -12th 2014: The Ibero-American Theatre Festival is a major cultural event in Colombia and one of the largest performing arts festivals in the whole world. Founded in 1988 the festival brings together the most important theatre companies from across five continents and about 2,000,000 spectators. Colourful parades, shows and workshops are held throughout the festival and aside from classical theatre works the festival showcases contemporary acts across dance, music, puppetry and performance art.  

 2. The Medellin Flower Fair, Medellin, August 3rd – 12th: Medellin is known as the “city of eternal spring” and in August each year the city blooms with the balconies, terraces, gardens and billboards get flooded with flowers to mark the beginning of the famous fair. The first flower fair was held on May 1, 1957 and now it offers numerous attractions including feasts, fiestas and competitions. A major highlight is the Desfile de Silleteros (Silleteros parade), a colourful parade of handmade flower arrangements carried on a Silleta (a chair-like contraption for carrying flowers on a person’s back). This parade is recognised as part of the cultural heritage of Colombia and is a spectacular site.

3. Wayúu Culture Festival, Uribia, La Guajira, August 16th – 19th: Wayúu Culture Festival is the most important cultural event in the department of La Guajira, northern Colombia and celebrates the culture of the North American indigenous tribe, Wayúu. The festival began in 1984 when the first Wayúu woman, Majayut, was elected. Majayut decided to showcase the tribe’s enormous cultural wealth through a mix of traditional music, rituals, customs, handicrafts, exhibits and games. Why not try some traditional gastronomy such as friche, lightly salted and fried sheep entrails or try your hand at playing traditional instruments such as the kasha, tariraü or wontoloyaa.

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