Hello Axis…

With just over one week behind me, I’m already settled into the Axis way of life. I have just started as the new PR Manager for Proexport Colombia and thought it would be a great idea to blog about my first week, so you can get to know me a little better.

Thanks to the nifty Axis training scheme, my first day nerves seem like a distant memory. My PR colleagues have been showing me the ropes and I have been learning all aspects of the business. I have even started working with some of the Axis client’s, such as Proexport Colombia, Dusit hotels and Cancun. I have been beavering away on lots of projects for them including drafting press releases to send to prospective media publications and compiling our client’s monthly press activity reports. The week has whizzed by!

A highlight of the week was meeting Stacey Mitchell, the Director of Sales, for our client The Florida Keys & Key West. Stacey popped by the office to train the team on all the new developments in the region.  It was interesting to get the inside scoop on the Key’s from a local, who knew everything from where the official turtle hospital is in Marathon to the best spots for diving down to old shipwrecks, such as Alexander’s Wreck . You should really check out their website.


The Axis team engrossed in Stacey’s Florida Keys & Key West training talk.

Stacey Mitchel, Director of Sales, The Florida Keys & Key West

Stacey Mitchell, Director of Sales, The Florida Keys & Key West

With my first week drawn to a close, I am excited to see what the next couple of weeks hold. Maybe I will be contacting the consumer travel press with a great news story on Colombia’s top hidden beaches or I could be meeting up with a travel journalist to talk about Dusit’s newest hotels. The great thing about this job is no week is the same!

I will update you soon with how I am getting on.



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Axis Travel Marketing is a London-based travel marketing and PR agency. Our team is comprised of experienced marketers with tour operator, PR and journalism backgrounds. The Axis Travel Marketing team's main goal is to ensure that our client succeeds in the UK and European market places. With our blog we will bring you the latest travel news and views on our key clients, upcoming events and information on our latest developments.
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