An internship at Axis – By Spencer Frei

spencer at work

I have just finished my University Degree in Mathematics at McGill University in Montreal and wanted to do something different this summer. I really wanted to get a taste of the working world and also to experience living in London!

Working for Axis Travel Marketing has been a real eye-opening experience for me so far. I am just finishing my third week in the internship and I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve done so far.

My favourite part of the job has been doing market research for new business opportunities for Axis, i’ve also been working on the Axis website and on the new Axis Blog. I’ve filled out a few expense reports (not the most exciting activity, haha), and I’ve attended a meeting with Emma and a new client, which in fact was pretty exciting.  It was cool to see new business ideas bounce back and forth so quickly and to develop over the course of the meeting.

Finally, over the last few days, I’ve been making calls to travel agents in Manchester, Birmingham, and London to get them to attend themed pub quizzes in the respective cities that one of Axis’ clients is putting on. Although it was difficult to have people turn you down for one reason or another, getting a ‘yes’ RSVP was pretty rewarding, I have to say!

That’s all for now… Stay tuned for more updates from me as the internship progresses!


About Axis Travel Marketing

Axis Travel Marketing is a London-based travel marketing and PR agency. Our team is comprised of experienced marketers with tour operator, PR and journalism backgrounds. The Axis Travel Marketing team's main goal is to ensure that our client succeeds in the UK and European market places. With our blog we will bring you the latest travel news and views on our key clients, upcoming events and information on our latest developments.
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